When Nightfall

Light bearer of darkness


Darkness conquered the horizon.
Where light is cannot be found.
I push my palm to the ground
Thinking I’m in bound.

Bursting all my grudges-
Punching my knuckles to nowhere.
Escaping anywhere,
What I know is that,
There’s light somewhere.

Running to the dead end.
Where space has no end-
I look at myself.
I see a piece of diamond,
And it is me.

I stop, sit and looked around me
I’m tired of finding the light.
Where the light is in me.
And it shines so bright.

You are the breaker of the dusk
Let your light be known
To let them know-
You’re in dawn but;
You’re a piece of diamond.

That borrows sun
From the creator of the stars,
And the galaxies ,
And the universe.
You’re more than,
Precious than diamonds.
Your the light bearer in the dawn.

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