Caught in our tongues

By: Alyssa

Just like a cat and a dog
Contrasting each other’s opinion
Dont understand his companion
Always run after and catch each others paw

I love how we are exactly different,
How you are sometimes my opponent
And will always be my lover.

You’lI come, I run
I chase, You’ll rest
But at the end
We were caught in each others arms
In each other love
In each others tongue

I love how ironic it is
How I express this love
In a very sarcastic way
You would respond and grasp it
like you are sure it is true.
No Doubt.

In this game of tictactoe
Waiting for the next x or o
I dont how would these differences would pull as closer
It would took us a thousand steps from each others arms
Our gap is like there’ll be no bridge that may intercede
Maybe my heart might not still conceal
Yours is beating mine is still mending


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