The sadness of saying “Goodbye”

Your life might be at risk at this moment.

You choose to settle with what will hurt you soon.

Your tower of conviction had fallen at its place.

You compromise to fail.


It was a great time having you.

How it was created by the storm,

and created colorfully at the end.

Now you are silently fading away – like the rainbow.


People indeed come and go,

Like seasons, it passes by.

But if I’ve got a chance… I wont let go.

If I could just try.


I was thorn by the the circumstances

Just like how the walls slowly moving closely – it boxed me.

I don’t wanna’ let go… I WANT TO STAY

Even though it’ll hurt me a lot.


If you really just genuinely felt the same…

Do you want to fight? or lose?

Do you grab me by the hand and face all the odds?

Do you want us to break the box filled of thorns?


I lose my mind.

Because only crazy people will imagine.

That “US” was just living happily inside my mind.

You will never be mine.


So now, Fantasies will no longer last.

Yes, you do like me…

but it’s just a story of yesterday.

You weren’t the same like yesterday.


That yesterday is now a treasure.

A treasure that I will take as I leave.

The moment I leave… I promise.

I promise that you won’t see me again.










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